Custom Hoists Cylinders

Hydraulic cylinder and dump truck cylinder distributor

If you’ve used a Custom Hoists hydraulic cylinder on the job, you know these hoists are workhorses. Hydraulic Industries Inc. is your one-stop shop for Custom Hoists cylinders, distributing to the Pacific Northwest, the US, and the world.

We know that time is money for your operation, so we keep a huge inventory of single-acting cylinders and telescoping hydraulic cylinders from Custom Hoists on hand to keep your machines operational. In fact, we’re the Pacific Northwest’s leading distributor of hydraulic cylinder products. We stock the following:

Custom Hoists Double-Acting Telescopic Cylinders for...

Custom Hoists Single-Acting Telescopic Cylinders, such as...

True hydraulics expertise

When you call Hydraulic Industries, you won’t get mindless sales people. Our savvy experts truly know this industry inside and out including all of the nuances of hydraulic cylinder design, which means we can usually steer our clients to the best product to meet their long-term needs.

Shipping options

While we’re located in the Pacific Northwest and pride ourselves on being the go-to hydraulic cylinder distributor supporting clients in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, we also regularly ship across the US and can easily ship internationally, if needed.

Our team is ready to answer your questions and support your needs.

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